Eat This, Not That…ugh!! Frustrating

New Beginning: What does yours look like? You reap what you sew into your life so choose health and live today and everyday because you were made for more. Know where your motivation comes from and stay true to it. I am not saying this is easy especially because everyone has their own adopted idea of healthy eating and what that looks like with proof to back it up. We cannot believe everything we read or hear and then adopt it as our own hoping it will work for us and give us what we are missing or getting to much or too little of nutritionally. Honestly for me it has become very stressful over the years because I do have the desire and the intention along with pure motives to take care of the body I have been given, but with all the information that is out there and the science to back everything up it has made me want to give up many a times and just not care. I am the total opposite and maybe some think I care to much. That is OK, this is me and who God created me to be. I have such a heavy burden for the constant confusion of eat this, eat that, don’t eat this and don’t eat that, and quite honestly I am sorry if I have ever made anyone confused or question themselves with their own eating habits if those habits work for you personally. When I set out to take care of the body I have been given, it was to please God and seek Him as the one who made me and knows best what I need to survive. Food is not the first on that list. God says that we should seek Him first and all of our others needs will follow. It may sound silly to some, but this made sense to me, especially asking God how I should eat. He gave us the bible as an instrument to teach and instruct us how to live and eating is part of living. In my work of teaching fitness as part of taking care of the body I have come across many diets or other ways of eating as a way of life which I have tried but in all honesty they do not line up with what God has instructed me and that is to seek Him. These diets have proved to benefit me in one way or another, but they were only a stepping stone of discipline into greater depths of eating that I know God wanted me to change. These plans did help me on a personal level, but it is not a lifestyle change for me eliminating whole foods that God created that obviously serve a purpose for me. These eating plans did serve a purpose that helped me to rid my daily habits of excess sugars in my daily diet and other habits that were not helpful and left me gassy and bloated. Will I do this again? I know that I will do a cleanse which is just eating whole foods 100% for ten days which means nothing with additives or processed. Single ingredient foods that have not been modified or changed other than having to cook raw foods. This is not a lifestyle, just a good reset of my body which for me is my process of fasting. My husband and I do this every ninety days along with our supplementation to make sure we are getting any nutrients that we may not be getting from diet alone. Our daily lifestyle of eating as a family is 80% whole foods and 20% maybe not so whole which is OK and more importantly OK with God because I have done much change in my heart and convictions with how I eat today that lines up with how God intended and not my own free will of eating for pleasure 100% of the time. So 80% nourishment of the body I have been given and 20% pleasure. Eating to live and live well rather than living to eat.


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