I am 38, a wife, mother, fitness instructor certified in Pilates and also trained in Total Body Sculpting and Rapid Intense Physical Training.  I am also a Certified Nutrition Consultant through Life Extension Center. Eight years ago I never would’ve believed that I would be in the best shape of my life and feel amazing emotionally, mentally and physically. Also I would not have believed that I would love teaching fitness classes and feel that I belong and was meant to do this.  So to explain why I never imagined this to be possible is due to the fact that  I struggled with bulimia on a daily basis from the age of 15 until  007the age of 30, so half my life was given over to that dark destructive habit. At the age of 27 my faith in Jesus and the journey of a daily relationship with my heavenly Father has forever changed my life and bulimia no longer defines me or does it rule over me. I will be blogging to share my daily overcoming of obstacles that were once holding me back to live the life I was made for and intended for. I am very busy raising my daughters and living healthy and happy by incorporating eating clean, exercising on a professional, personal and social level doing what I enjoy. I love encouraging others to reach beyond their own limitations and live knowing they were made for more than the food they eat or what they put on.  I will be posting things related to Spiritual Health, emotional health, and physical health because I believe walking in all these aspects is what has changed my life and will change the lives of others for years to come.


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