The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday


My fitness choices are a blessing, my nutrition choices are not restrictive, they are healing and my health choices are mine and worth fighting for. I taught Yoga this morning followed by taking Boot Camp which was a great class and really rewarding. I have been training hard this week and have been eating clean (extra clean) and have been feeling great. I have added weight training with a partner that shares the same passion and mindset as me. It is so important to have an accountability partner along with keeping you honest. I have committed myself to eating every 3 hours which helps with cravings and keeping me from binging. My meals have consisted of lean protein, carbohydrates from whole grains and green vegetables and healthy fats. I have not been craving alcohol or sugar and I believe it is because I have been keeping my food alarm in check by eating every 3 hours with balanced meals.




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