Victimized or Not

If you have not been exercising regularly you should check with your doctor or health professional before beginning an exercise program.


Benefits of Exercise 

Weight Management

Mental Alertness

Strengthens Muscles and Bones

Reduces Depression

Counters the Effects of Stress and Improves Sleep

Almost 19 million Americans are thought to suffer from depressive disorders. However, researchers may have discovered a new “drug” for depression that anyone can take advantage of and utilize: Exercise.

“Either we can be victimized and become victims, or we can be victimized and rise above it. Often it is easier to play the victim than take off our masks and ask for help. We get comfortable with our victim status. It becomes our identity and is hard to give up. The Israelites often played the victim card, and I love what God finally tells them, “You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north” (Deuteronomy 2:3). Turn north! It’s time to move on! Self-pity, fear, pride, and negativity paralyze us. Taking off our masks takes courage, but if we don’t do it, we will remain in our victim status and end up stunted.” Ruth Graham.


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