Nutritional Reset

I  have worked really hard to reset myself spiritually, physically, emotionally and nutritionally for the past twelve years since I believed in Jesus and He made me believe I was made for more. Where I once was dead in the habits that I had created not truly knowing what I was doing or even what living was, I had to choose to believe in something bigger than myself and this was my turning point. To be completely honest with you I love the life I am living today by the grace of God. I have an amazing husband, beautiful children, wonderful friends and family along with an amazing church fellowship that we are blessed to be a part of and look forward to see all God has planned for us there. I love teaching fitness classes and getting paid to do what I love. I am a blessed woman and have nothing to complain about. If there were something I could change it would be the fact that my past history of bulimia still follows me around and I hope and pray that someday it is not even in my thoughts. Even though I know longer practice binging and purging I believe I have a good healthy fear of falling into those old habits because it is still so fresh in my mind. The best way to explain this for anyone who hasn’t experienced an addiction, especially dealing with food or substance abuse I have found myself at times saying “you have been doing so good” tapping myself on the back and then feeling strong enough to handle certain foods that had once stumbled me. I will eat these foods and be perfectly fine not feeling guilt or overcome which has allowed me to get to comfortable in the overindulgence of sugary foods that are no good for someone like me who can so easily slip back into becoming numb to food and eating for the wrong reasons that leave me feeling empty and dead inside. I hate that certain foods still have that affect on me and that is why I turned to AdvoCare. AdvoCare gave me a discipline in my life that I needed that  I had not entertained ever out of fear, fear of depriving myself because of all the things I hear about  “if you do deny yourself certain foods, even if they deem to be a good and nutritional pat of a balanced diet, then you will want those things more or it may put you into a binge, just do them in moderation.”  You see I have NEVER Denied myself anything when it came to food so there came a time in my life where denial of certain things were needed and absolute for me if I am totally honest with myself. So this is me being honest with myself and others. I am not strong enough to just say no all the time and  I came across a scripture that spoke so much truth into my life that it jumped off the page at me and it reads “all things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.” Talk about revelation that I needed to not only hear, but apply that truth I knew about myself. What may be OK for someone else is not always OK for me and I needed to acknowledge that and accept that as a part of my life. It is not easy and sometimes I do get jealous when people freely eat the way they want and have no negative effects, which is the way it seems or they say they that they can freely eat whatever they want and have never had an issue, good metabolism, genes or whatever they were blessed with, I was not and have to be more careful and mindful than some. This is my truth and even though I would like to box it up and throw it away and pretend it never was then I would only be lying to myself and others and I have found time and time again that the truth sets us free and there is more peace in that than putting on the appearance of perfection. I am thankful that AdvoCare provided a tool to help someone like me to rid myself up some foods that were strongholds in my life, helping me get out of my comfort zone and getting rid of my spiritual handicap that I now can freely walk away from. You see I need accountability and a time frame to do something to get things in motion. This is my personality, just like I like to workout with someone, someone who will challenge me and push me more than I would on my own. This is why I love AdvoCare because it represents who I am as a person who wants to help others, inspire others to see food and their bodies differently,provide the support to help others and an outline of what to do and the practical ways to do it. People need to set their own boundaries as far as what works or will work for them individually. It’s all part of getting to know yourself and what works best for you. My desire is to help others believe they can and then help them do what they can. Take time and listen to what is dead in your life and holding you back from becoming more. Do not let what is dead have dominion over you any longer. Check us out at



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