No Quick Fix!!! No magic pill!!! Work required

Doing the Whole 30 has been the biggest challenge and work that I have faced when it comes to starving those cravings or habits that I want to destroy and I know it is not for everyone. I am not trying to discourage anyone from the whole 30 because it is a great tool and structured guideline if you are addicted to high glycemic (bad) carbs and need to heal your body and cleanse it in a more restrictive eliminated process for 30 days to really bring change. There are no quick fixes, no magic pill, there is work required (some more than others) when it comes to eating healthy and making better choices that requires us to get uncomfortable. I can provide you a solid foundation to start on, build from and provide good tools, but cannot fix you or do the work required for you to get results. Food and giving in to poor cravings that left me run down even though they were pleasurable at the time was a Spiritual Handicap that I had hoped God would’ve just given me a quick fix and do the work for me, but I learned the hard way that is not how it works. I am promising you that if you make a decision to take care of your body and make better choices that you will work and work it out daily. Sometimes we just want the goodness of life and the things life has to offer without doing the work (quick fix). Obedience proceeds the miraculous so if we want the miracle with our bodies then we have to obey what needs to be done. Take action with your health in all aspects, make a honest evaluation and decision to what you personally need to do, then go do it. Greg and I need five people who maybe are not ready for the discipline it takes to do the whole 30, but you are ready to do the AdvoCare 10 day cleanse within the 24 day challenge which is an amazing nutrition plan and tool that has helped provide many build on a solid foundation that provides a step by step, meal by meal along with a free support team of people that have been where you are and know the challenges you are facing to best be able to come along side and support you AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE. We will be starting a group inviting all those that have done the challenge to offer support and encouragement for those that are doing the 24 Day Challenge.

Nutrition is a huge part of any wellness program, and the good news
is, you’re going to get to eat good food during the 24-Day Challenge! 
We focus on a large variety of lean proteins, vegetables and complex carbohydrates as well as a variety of snacks. Use the 24-Day Challenge™ Daily Guide as your one-stop reference for nutrition, supplementation, water intake and exercise throughout the Challenge.

What’s in the Daily Guide?

  • Water & Food Portion Recommendations 
    Hydration is key in any weight management program and it is important to have sensible portion sizes.
  • Daily Checklists 
    We have included a convenient checklist for each day of the challenge that makes it easy to keep track of when to take your supplements, how much water you’re drinking, what exercise you are doing, and suggests what foods are recommended at each meal.
  • Food Suggestions 
    This isn’t a fad diet that eliminates entire food groups. Instead, our food suggestions revolve around a well-balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and other snack items such as healthy fats, fruits, dairy, and AdvoCare products.

Download Guide – 5.2 MB
24-Day Challenge™ Daily Guide

The information found in the Daily Guide is merely a guideline and not a definitive list of what can and cannot be consumed on the 24-Day Challenge™. As always, please consult your healthcare provider before making any dietary or fitness modifications. Be sure to stay in contact with your AdvoCare coach to help with any questions you may have.


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