I am going to try to keep this short. Sometimes standing up for what you believe it may cause conflict in relationships. I hate conflict and in the past would shy away from speaking what I believe in fear that it may cause misunderstanding or hurt (unintentional) in someone else life. I realized that I like things comfortable (who doesn’t), but there comes a time when we need to be risk takers and stand up for what we believe in. If it’s not worth taking the risk of stepping out in faith then most likely you do not believe in it. I came across this quote by Coach Greg Glassman “Nutrition can be a touchy topic, like politics or religion,that people take very personally, but good nutrition is the foundation that we build upon…” and I have come to realize through trial and error that there is no cookie cutter nutrition because we are not cookie cutter people. What this means to me is that no two people are made exactly alike so therefore no nutrition lifestyle, political belief or opinion or religious belief is going to look exactly alike. Stand up for what you believe in and step out in faith and embrace the risk. Reward isn’t always instant, keep working and let your passion motivate you and allow conflict to shape you and strengthen you. This is part of life’s lessons and if you are really living it is going to be uncomfortable at times when you stand up for what you know is working for you and you know your purpose in it. I know this is not easy because I am a people pleaser, always want to keep peace within all my relationships, but at times have found that people are not always going to see eye to eye and this is OK and a reality of life. Not dealing with confrontation or not taking risk and embracing what I believe in  is what put me in a position where I cowardly turn to a substance such as food in efforts not to deal with negatives in my life. Now I choose to recognize negatives are a reality and used to sharpen us as people, correct us when we are wrong and shape us into a better person of character and strength. Those that you come in conflict with are people as well and regardless of where we come from we all have our own shoes to walk in and may not understand or even have to understand to respect others lives. We can not take things personally and when we start to think we are personally being attacked for what we believe in the only way to overcome it is to talk with that person. You are responsible for your own behavior so if the other person is unresponsive you can have peace knowing that you tried within your efforts and responsibility to make peace. We are all human and all have gifts differing from one another and at times those gifts and purposes that we know we have, I encourage you to embrace to help the World stay in balance. Don’t fear or live in fear of others. Embrace who you are with a pure heart and pure motives and know you may not reach everyone and be OK with that reality. Remember God puts us in different, gifts and purposes differing from one another and that is because we are all different. I respect anyone who went to school and earned a degree and practice and use that gift to help others. It is needed and I feel for those like myself who spent years in school trying to earn a degree and then never use it because that was not there intended purpose. Press on and life experience I know speaks just as highly as a degree because we can all have plenty of knowledge but that knowledge is dead and useless if we are not living it. I excelled in nutrition in high school so you would think that bulimia would have been never a part of my life and trust me I questioned why for years. God was showing me and teaching me that even a ton of knowledge and wisdom can be grievous and sometimes detrimental if you do not use it for good and look at things more openly. I know what I do today I use for good and have lived a life of experience and knowledge that I not only believe, but have had to work hard to put it into practice. I wish I had someone like me to show me the light when I was in such a dark place, but thank God He did what He knew best and helped me to see that faith without action in what you believe is dead and I pray that He can use me as a light in that dark place. You see I wanted God to bring someone in my life to lay out a nutrition plan that would work for me and heal the damage mentally, physically and spiritually that had been me for those fifteen years. I remember in that moment a light went on and felt God saying to me that He was that man because He formed me, knows my beginning and end and most importantly new me better than I knew myself and obviously could best prescribe a nutrition plan for me and I needed to step out in faith and trust Him. I believe in Him more than I believe in anything or anyone else and I believe that He wanted me to put that into action and learn to eat the way God intended and not man or Science. I know God created us for His purposes and to be used in the lives of others to bring Him Glory and He could have used such a person for me, but didn’t because I believe God wanted me to  grow to rely on Him. God works in everyone differently and I am thankful He didn’t just fix me because it has helped me to see I was created for the purpose and gifts that I am walking in today and I believe that part of that is to encourage and inspire people to start living and looking at being good stewards over the bodies we have been given and teaching what that looks like mind, body, spirit. Much love to you all and grow in whatever is conflicting you today to shape your character into a better you for what you have been called to do, not comfortable, but worth it because you passionately believe in it and yourself. Be confident, I am


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