Lately I find myself focusing on to many things at once and have had a hard time on balancing my life with good order and perspective. The title of my website is choose mind, body, spirit, and I need to bring my attention back to what brought me to this place in the first place and where does my inspiration come from. The word Nourish has been on my mind, especially how have I been nourishing my mind? I have experienced positive and negative ways to feed my thoughts and then found myself to live out those thoughts according to how it nourished or affected me. If I fill my mind with things that are pure, lovely and true then I notice that the way I carry myself is in a positive way because I have given my mind and thoughts healthy nourishment that will bring life to me in a spiritual, emotional and mental way. Another important way we can nourish our minds is to be in control of our thoughts or what we see. Now I have come to learn that it is almost impossible to free our thoughts from negatives, but one thing we can control is taking those negatives and dismissing them, especially when it is not true or add value to your way of life. I realized I need to be more mindful of bringing every thought into captivity and recognize that I do not have to entertain every thought that I have. When I pay attention to negative thoughts or negative things people say or do and feed on it, then I am nourishing my mind with negative, unhealthy thoughts and giving control to those thoughts rather than refusing those thoughts to have control and then I take control by reevaluating what is important, what is honest, what is true, what is of good report, what is noble, and what is pure and of love. I love to read as a way to nourish my mind. I read books that are positive, encouraging, full of wisdom, knowledge and things that are important to me. For example I read my bible, books that are scriptural and written by others that have the same faith and belief system I do. I read encouraging books about parenting, prayer, nutrition, exercise, health and beauty. Lately all I have to do is turn on the news and can see enough things that are evil to nourish my mind in an unhealthy manner, I am not saying the news isn’t good and we shouldn’t be informed, I am just saying we are in control as to what we watch on tv, read in a book, or even listening to others that may have nothing positive to say. So something to think about as far as nourish is more than just what we feed our physical, but we also feed our minds. Keep a strong healthy mind so that you may have positive endurance and be a light that shines brightly to those around you.


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