Good Health Begins With Knowledge

Exercise has many benefits and some of these benefits are weight management, mental alertness, strengthens muscle and bones, reduces depression,counters the effects of stress and improves sleep. All of these benefits are important aspects to my way of life. Knowing these benefits have helped encourage me to get up everyday and make exercise a priority start of my day. Do I always feel like exercising, absolutely not but knowing the benefits is motivating and also knowing a body in motion tends to stay in motion is something I am mindful of as a strong truth and fact of life. Sometimes we need a little motivation to overcome those barriers or excuses to exercise. Instead of saying I don’t have time, do a short five minute worlout four times throughout your day which is just as beneficial as doing 20 minutes all at once. Good examples are jumping jacks, push ups or squats, burpees, keep a set of light weights that are visible where you will be reminded to pick them up and do some arm curls or shoulder presses several times throughout your day. If you find exercise to be boring then do something active that you enjoy. Variety is the spice of life. Take your mind off the exercise by listening to some motivating music. If you enjoy exercising with others then grab a partner and bring them with you whether it be going to the gym or a run. I like to have an accountability partner or group of people to work out with, mostly because I am competitive and will work harder with a partner rather than on my own and I just enjoy being around others, especially those who are like minded when it comes to taking care of themselves and will hold me accountable because that is my personality.


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