Emphasis On Setting Boundaries

People are finally starting to see the light and realize the serious effects of being overweight on our young population. This awareness will hopefully make a difference in their future. Children are getting risk factors for heart disease, fatty deposits in their blood vessels, high levels of cholesterol, and dramatic increases in type 2 diabetes—which used to be called adult-onset diabetes because it was not seen in kids. Well, no longer are those health problems reserved for adults. Another issue is the effect on self-esteem and the psychological well-being of the child. And the longer a child stays overweight, the greater the chance he will remain that way as an adult. Once he becomes an overweight parent, he often starts a similar cycle with his own children. It is important for us all to try to help break that unhealthy cycle.

It is so important for me as a mom to not only take care of my children as a whole, but to educate them while they are young and teachable to know the benefits of diet, exercise and prevention of unwanted and unnecessary health problems. Exercise to my family is a way of life. It is something we do as far as being in control and investing into our tomorrows. Our children and our youth are an investment that we need to take seriously for a better tomorrow. I love my children so therefore it will show not only in my words, but more importantly in the things I choose for them as a way of life and how we practically apply those areas of life that are beneficial and intended to help. I know realistically they may not always understand the choices I make for them and that is why it is my job to teach them and be constant and consistent in the choices I make and how I live as an example. Not always easy and I often have to evaluate my time and priorities to make sure I have proper boundaries in place and we all understand what those boundaries are.

I have been taking notes on things that come to mind that I want for my family. Some of these things are constant and often is wise on my part to make sure that I am living what I believe. Is there evidence in my life that is according to my own personal convictions? It is important that I identify the needs of my family, acknowledge those needs and then do what is necessary and within my control to do. I am a firm believer in the “show me, don’t tell me” way of life, actions speak louder than words and there is real power when we apply what we believe to our lives. Without the application what we believe is useless and has no value. It is important that I set healthy boundaries for my family so that no one else does it for them. It is also important that I give them what they need and not what they want and help them to understand the difference. The most important person that I believe we set boundaries for is ourselves. If I do not set boundaries for myself, then I am no good to anyone. Setting boundaries for myself and living them out will add greater power to my children to live out those values. So what are some of those boundaries you may ask? Making wise food choices and being a good steward over the money I spend on food. I look at it like this. Is this food beneficial, will it help my goals to keep my family healthy, am I investing the resources that we have been given wisely? I do give my children sweets in moderation, but I purpose to make sure that most of their food source is food that is going to nourish and be beneficial, going back to giving them what they need. I often here from my children “Mom, can you buy this and that because so and so’s mom gets it for them?” So again treats in moderation, but I also will teach my children to look at ingredients and if what they are asking for is not good ingredients, then I will tell them no and explain why. I know that I am the parent and often as the parent we know best for our children and do not always need to explain, but this is an area where I was lacking in understanding for most of my life so it is important to me to educate my children on the value of exercise and eating right and the purpose that those things are here for. Also exercise is what I teach and do so there is evidence that I value that as a healthy part of life. I can not force my love for fitness on my children, but I can model it for them and teach them the benefits.

Here is a link for some benefits and purpose of exercise, which has motivated me to love exercise and easily make it a priority. http://www.health24.com/fitness/Getting_started/16-474,78316.asp


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