“Walk in your own shoes”

So we all have shoes to fill and it is up to us how we fill them. We can not look at others to see how they are filling their shoes and assume that the way they live will work for us and we should live like them We all get to spend a lifetime defining our lives day by day and choosing how to live and learning from our mistakes on what works and what doesn’t for us as an individual. Basically we are in the driver seat of our lives and the choices we make keep us continuing in the right direction or destination we see our selves. So if you have a positive outlook and personal plans and goals for yourself and those around you, in my case it is my husband and our children that I have to set personal goals for and what we want as a family. You see we are a team and I can have comfort going to bed at night knowing that my priorities line up with my family and the order of things I do are going to help us as a family move forward rather than backwards. Thankfully I learned a long time ago that the needs and expectations of my husband are just that and what I need to be concerned about.  He is the one that I am one flesh with and the one I need to concern myself with as far as expectations. Not the church, not my friends husbands or the husbands of those that I admire, or even family. He is the one I lay down with thankfully every night and my desire is to please him and of course God. I am his wife and I am thankful for that.

So where am I going with this? When my husband and I first married and had our first child we decided together then that i would be a stay-at-home mom. This was not an easy decision and definitely took much faith because we were accustomed to living on two incomes comfortably. So we also had to make personal sacrifices and give up some wants, but the staying home and raising our children was well worth it and nothing could replace that and to me that was a dream that I got to live out. I have been home for the last ten years with my children and I am at a place where I know that it is time for another chapter in my life. My husband and my children are always my first priority and paramount in having proper order and peace within my home. I will never neglect my first job. Now for more than eight years i have been passionate about being the best I can be when it comes to taking care of my health and wellness so that I am able to take care of the family I have for many years to come. I want to live and be vibrant to see my children get married and have children, I want to have energy for my grandchildren, and I want to pass on my passion of life to those I love and care about so that they prosper in their health and souls as well. I want to leave a positive inspirational life behind for my family to follow. If my husband was not on board with my desire to put my time and effort into the lives of not only our family, but into the lives of others, then I could not freely do this without compromising my home and that is something I will not sacrifice. Greg is my biggest supporter, best friend, very confident in who I am and the plans and purposes that I am living out in my life, not just to benefit me and my family, but truly to help others not just on a nutritional and physical level, but also spiritually and financially. I am not going to lie, my motives with health and wellness are not just about others because they tremendously bless me and who i am. I get to teach fitness classes and to me this is pursuit of happiness that I am living because it helps me on all levels of who I am, plus my husband thinks it is “super sexy” that he has his own personal aerobics instructor so bonus for us both.

So since fitness has been a part of my life ever since I can remember from the first time I was in T-BallCheer-leading,  baseball ( nickname was slammer), kickboxing, step aerobics, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit (which is one of my new loves), the most important came later in life when I was 27, which was my spiritual health and after maturing and able to grasp my purpose of life more, then came the nutritional aspect. This is very close to me personally because the lack of spiritual nourishment and physical nourishment was lacking in my life for more than half of it. So I decided that I would fill my shoes and define myself in a better light, one that was full of life and living.

I had to have purpose and goals and we all should set up goals and a timeline to reach those goals and put a plan into action. So the last ten years my plan was just for my family and being home and available at all times for my family. This plan has not changed and me teaching fitness classes or nutrition consulting and setting others up with a fitness routine and good nutrition and supplements does not compromise everything that we have worked for either. I work for myself, I am in charge of my schedule so that I am able to first meet the needs of my family which have changed over the years being that my children are all in school which gives me more time to invest in my business.

My business is AdvoCare and fitness. I can do AdvoCare because it is a company that represents everything that I have dreamed of doing in the hopes of not only benefiting the health and wellness of my family, but also providing us with a plan B income that I have been praying that God would give me a business to work from home that I would be passionate about, living it, and will already be a valued part of life to me and my family to benefit us not just financially, but as a whole. AdvoCare and all the opportunities with the exceptional staff of Doctors, nutritionists and Scientists they have on staff to back the products of each line they sell gives me confidence that even though i am not the expert I can confidently direct people to the right place. So on the health side of Advocare it has given me the proper vehicle to keep my health on track where food and exercise alone have not been able to do no matter how hard I have tried to do all the right things. Just doing the 24 day challenged sold me because I knew the products were doing what they were intended for and still do for me of for a mom who always wants to be the best she can be for those I am taking care of. My motives may be totally crazy to some and that is why you need to fill your own shoes and know what your personal goals are and make it happen. I cannot worry about what others think because until you truly live the life of someone else, we are never in a position to judge, so basically never judge because you cannot live the life of someone else. Advocare has offered me a vehicle of success where I am able to still stay home and be there for my family and also allows me to ease the financial burdens that my husband has had being that He has worked so hard for us to keep me home and that was our decision so it was a burden worth carrying. Now we are in a place where I have an opportunity where we do not just live to work, but we can set aside the money I make to take our family on vacations which we have never been able to do, I can pay off my school debts that are constantly lingering over my head and my husbands since he is the provider. He runs his own small business and anything extra he makes is our winter survival money because he gets laid off four months out of the year, so he works six long days a week to put away for the winter and I would love it if we were able to actually live to enjoy the fruit of his labor and his hard work. I also worry about his body and the toll of all the physical labor he does may eventually put him in a place where he can no longer work, or worse not be there for us.

I have come to terms with the reality that there is nothing wrong with helping others be healthy and possibly make money doing this business if that is something they are interested in or willing to invest themselves into all the while I am also benefiting financially to better my family. So basically it is a butterfly effect. I help you, you help me, you help others in your circle, they help you and so on. It is a win win situation for everyone and only good can come from it. This company has been around for 20 years and is debt free. It has helped so many families and I am glad to be part of the story as I continue to write it and update everyone on the shoes I am filling. Its a new day, don’t put off what you can do today til tomorrow. You may not have tomorrow.


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