PIlates has changed the way I look and feel. After giving birth to five children(one that his life was quickly taken after I had given birth)and I will talk more about that in a later post, I had hip and back problems. I had my fifth daughter at the age of 33 and was incorporating eating healthy and exercise, but my core foundation was neglected because I had pretty much given up on my abdominal section and seeing my six pack ever so this discouraged me. When I became interested in teaching I was encouraged to start with Pilates by a women that I highly respected who owned her own fitness studio and was well trained in martial arts and had over twenty years experience teaching. I had trained with her for several months taking classes and getting my certification which was in 2009. What I had learned about Pilates became very valuable to my teaching and where to build my foundation. If we do not build a strong foundation which is our core center where all our extremities stream from then eventually we fall as we age and have poor posture along with other health problems. Pilates is all about Centering, Concentration, Control,
Precision, Breath, and Flow. 
For more on Pilates you can visit http://pilates.about.com/od/whatispilates/a/Principles.htm


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