Denial of Self

Deny yourself and pick up your cross daily to be set free from bulimia is something that I have had to intentionally sacrifice my desire for food and those things that may be lawful for me, but not helpful in order for change to happen. I would’ve liked it if this change happened over night, but the denial of self needs to be on a daily basis and this has been a continual struggle for me, but it has brought a deeper relationship with my heavenly father which is a far greater reward that has brought strength, confidence, and new character that I am now defined by that I was made for more and now I am living that on a daily basis. When I asked God what was keeping me from being free from my chains, that was when my eyes were opened and the veil was removed that I had no denial of self when it came to conducting myself according to the pleasure of food and the unhealthy choices I was making. Luke 9:23 “…he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” I was hoping that the first time I chose to deny myself it would be easier from that day forward and it was until I allowed some of those old habits back in, then daily became a reality of taking the whole scripture and applying it in order for it to be effective. Sugar is now my denial of self on a daily basis because I know that it is not helpful for me personally in my journey and leads to other unhealthy decisions. If you are reading this, I am not saying you have to deny yourself sugar, but is there anything in your life that you know is lawful for you, but not helpful at this time in your life? We have to be honest with ourselves and this is the best place to start. God knows all and it is important that we work all things according to the counsel of His will because it is through doing His will that we are made alive where we were once dead in trespasses and sin. Trust in His power working through us to deny that part of self that is not helpful.


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