“Made for More than Food”

Taking responsibility and recognition that I was made for more than the vicious habit of being ruled by food and then choosing to eat to live and not live to eat is a voluntary decision that I have to make daily to walk away from those things that stumble me or are not beneficial to me. This has not been an easy process for me considering that I ate what I wanted and took pleasure in doing so for fifteen years. Not everyone may understand the difficulty of changing such habits and the work that goes into it, but because I personally have experienced the heartache, darkness, isolation, fear of rejection and torment of this lifestyle I am compassionate to those who struggle and want help and encouragement. I also have hope where there once wasn’t any because of where I once was and where I am now. My hope is in God and His council and this has been what has worked for me. I will never push my beliefs upon you and I am not telling you that you have to do things my way. I am here to provide practical truths that have helped me and how I have applied them to my life in the hopes to help others who want it. My blog is a place to be open and honest with my life experiences good and bad. Please feel free to ask me anything and I will be honest. I do not know everything but am able to point you in the right direction. We get not because we ask not:-) so please ask


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