My Daddy is always there for me

I have had three fathers in my life. My first father died in a tragic death when I was seven. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. He was working for a friend of his cutting down trees and as he was running towards his friend a tree fell on him and he died before he got to the hospital. This put my mother in survival mode with an eight day old daughter, my other sister who was five and myself. Needless to say things were not easy. At the age of fifteen I met my second father, who was my birth father and I had no idea he even existed. MY world was turned upside down as he came into my life and promised me the world and that he would always be there, just to disappear before I was to move in with him. I heard from him one more time months later after some other out of control circumstances happened in my life for him to promise me he would never leave me again. That promise was broken and I still to this day do not know where he is or if he is dead or alive. I did the U.S. search, found him, wrote him a letter and he never responded. All of these out of my control circumstances lead me to turn to food and numbing myself with it. I had gained at least 75 lbs within months and was devastated with the person I had become. This was when I started the practice of binging an purging, not realizing this would take control for the next fifteen years. This was a very dark secret that I hid well and it became very easy because I no longer had to force the purge. The purging of food brought my weight down quickly and I started getting a lot of positive encouragement about my looks and new attention so this felt amazing and helped all the other negative emotions disappear on the side lines. I will get more into the aspects of how this affected me, but I want to tell you about my father who has always been there since the beginning and will always be there and be true to his word because he is not able to lie because it is not in him and I know that I cannot say this of anyone else. He will never let me down, he always has my best interest in mind, he is always for me, knows everything about me inwardly and outwardly and his love is greater than anything out there because his love is perfect at all times. He is the one who brought me out of this dark place of torment because he told me what I needed to hear and do to change into the woman I was created to be. He gave me new confidence in who I am and what I am able to do. He created a stronger person in myself that  I am able to invest in the life of others and love with an honest heart. He has also allowed me to be transparent and vulnerable with others which has allowed me to see unconditional love and that it does exist and fully experience that type of love. He loves at ALL times which is a true gift because I know that I am not lovable all the time. You can ask my husband…lol! Just kidding, he would tell you he loves me all the time because he works hard to follow in my fathers footsteps and that is why I married him because they are like minded and want the same things for me. My father is always for me and never against me. He will always give me the truth and as a loving father should be  he corrects me when I am wrong and tells me what to do that is right. Not to say I always do the right thing because I am human and have free will and make my own choices. So just like with my own children because I love them and want to protect them, I tell them to make good choices otherwise the poor choices they make have consequences that they are not going to like. My dad has brought discipline into my life that I was lacking for many years along with so many other blessings that have changed my life for the better forever. The daddy I am speaking of is everyone’s father and everyone has the same access To him that I do if you believe. I am a child of the King of Kings and I am proud to be his princess.


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