Mind,Body, & Spirit

I am 37 years old. I have been married to my best friend Greg going on ten years. We have three beautiful daughters together and we both brought a child into our marriage from a previous marriage, my daughter and his son. For the past eight years I have been in the process of overcoming the habitual practice of bulimia that I previously habitually practiced for fifteen years. Although food is the substance over which I struggle, it is not the root of the problem. I have come to learn in part of my healing that it is a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical emptiness or void in my life because I had never dealt with things in the past. I would numb myself with food and then purge it away as if I was bottling up all negative emotions I was dealing with and then purging them away. I habitually practiced this from the time I was fifteen until the time I was thirty. So honestly most of my life and I have been a work in progress the past eight years. Although I no longer practice the habit of binging and purging my food, it is still a part of my life unfortunately. I have decided to start a blog to allow myself continual healing and to be honest and transparent with others with the hopes this may help others or help those who know and care for someone who struggles with this horrible bondage that brings slavery to many. Hopefully my story may bring freedom to others who may be bound or in captivity to this stronghold of mind, body, and spirit.


2 thoughts on “Mind,Body, & Spirit

  1. Nicely done, Becky. I look forward to reading and learning from your experiences. It is amazing how in an instant, Jesus comes into our hearts and we change on a dime. Struggles still come, but with trust and guidance of God’s spirit, we can and do overcome all obstacles. I guess that feeling of hopelessness and loneliness (due to the empty void) fed into our struggles. My addictions were not with food, but it is the same feeling of struggle, despair, shame, and hopelessness regardless of our particular struggle. That void has to be filled with something! Food, drugs, sex, alcohol, work, exercise, shopping, religion……..nothing fills that void for very long. Only Jesus has permanently filled that emptiness with never-ending, over-flowing joy. If only everyone was able to experience that…..that is what I pray for. Hardened hearts to soften and submit. Love you!

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