Healthy Balance

Part of keeping a healthy balance and the beginning of my journey in choosing life over death has been my faith in Jesus. The bible and it’s teachings have been my council since I have become a Christian which to me means that I have faith by hearing the Word of God and then applying it to my life in practical ways. This also means that my freedom over death is in Jesus because He gave Himself for me so that I no longer have to carry the burdens of life on my own. Through the process of growing I have educated myself how to eat and why I eat which has helped me overcome this battle on a daily basis. Through this time I became a Nutrition consultant and have volunteered my time to help others who may want to eat better but did not know where to begin. I also have followed my dream to become an aerobic instructor and I am currently teaching Pilates, Total Body Sculpt, and Rapid Intense Physical Training (R.I.P.T.) at the Rochester Athletic Club. I really enjoy teaching both on a nutritional level and physical as I feel that I am fulfilling part of my purpose in life. So my bible, my informed choices on eating healthy, exercise and teaching are part of living a healthy balance along with being a wife and mother.


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