“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

This promise has been an inspirational truth that I have to continue to apply to my life to overcome whatever is in my way to move forward in life. I was very undisciplined in my life growing up and this applied to many areas. In the healing process of finding truth, discipline is something that I need to apply to my eating habits, spiritual habits, and the list goes on. Because food was my biggest strong hold, I needed to start there. Food was both pleasure and destruction for me and I needed to look at it as nourishment and health. Choosing to live with food as an intended purpose as a  part of life and not a way of life was and is a voluntary decision I need to make everyday. This was so contrary to the decisions I made when it came to food which I know led to many other undisciplined areas of my life. I had no self-control when it came to the food choices I made and lacked the wisdom, knowledge , and understanding of food and the benefits of it to bring life and healing and also as a preventable of disease and sickness. Food had consumed me and the disorder of it defined me until I made the choice that I would no longer allow that stronghold to keep me captive any longer and choose life, good life. Honesty of who I am in the moment has set me free over many areas that used to control me. I have taken the truths that I have learned and applied them practically to how I live and this has brought a new strength, confidence, and overall well-being in mind, body, and spirit. So with that being said I know that I am not the same girl who lived in such darkness for fifteen years, I am in the process of being transformed which has taken place over the last eight years. I am thankful for the person I am today, but I also know that I am not done growing and learning as long as I live.


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